Life is like school for the soul and when you die you graduate. For some of us, we chose tougher life lessons, or courses than we would have preferred. But many of us did so on the Other Side, before we were born and when presented with a blueprint of our life paths, with free will within the blueprint, we said, “Piece of cake. Bring it on.” Once we’re here in our human bodies and are told that, sometimes we can’t believe we would have chosen this life path for ourselves. But we did. For whatever reasons on the Other Side we thought we wanted to experience or learn or help.

And sometimes life and the world’s noise can often get in the way of us listening to our Higher Selves, our own higher information and wisdom. We should be plugged into our Higher Selves to help us navigate through this tough journey. Sometimes the world can get in the way of us owning our own power, our true essence, and take us off track of why we chose to come here in this particular life.

Medium Kari Young tunes into your Higher Self and imparts your information back to you. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, so she sees pictures on a movie screen in her mind’s eye, and she can hear and see words from your Higher Self.¬†As a medium, Kari also channels messages from loved ones on the Other Side.

She sees this spiritual work as sacred and a privilege to channel messages from loved ones, as well as to be able to relay messages from your own Higher Self. She has been giving readings to people in and around the entertainment industry for years and this website was created after the urging of several people wanting an easier way to refer her to friends and it’s a way to open up the tent so to speak, to be able to help more people.